Build your own hatchery


How to fertilise sperm and egg and obtain oyster larvae for the hatchery?

Gonads development

Oysters can have separate males and females, or have sequential hermaphroditism, which means that they can change sex at different times. The gonads are largest before the spawning season of the oyster species.

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Taking sperm or eggs from gonads

Broodstock selection

Select the oysters with traits you want for breeding. For example, most fast growing oysters for breeding, so their next generation will also be fast growing.


There are two methods for fertilisation. The first method is induced spawning. Feed the oysters very well, then freeze them. After putting them back into normal conditions, they will start spawning.


The second method is strip spawning, to obtain the sperm and egg from the gonads of opened oysters. Oysters with the largest gonads are chosen, and the eggs are mixed with the sperms.

If fertilisation is successful, larvae could be seen in around 24 hours. Remember to change water during larval culture to prevent bacteria! Good luck!

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Spawning tank
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Multiple sperm fighting for 2 eggs