Our interdisciplinary collaborative team is primarily interested in applied marine research topics such as multiple stressors in coastal ecosystems, oyster aquaculture and food quality, and biomineralization. Our core research focus is on the identification of adaptive mechanisms in commercially important edible oysters that facilitating tolerance to novel climate change stressors in coastal oceans such as ocean acidification, warming and freshening. Recently we are specifically interested in looking at the transgenerational inheritance of those stress tolerance mechanisms and rapid selection of those tolerant genotypes for aquaculture using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Importantly, we are using our research knowledge to build powerful new tools that help local growers and government authorities to make more economically sustainable oyster aquaculture policy decisions through various knowledge exchange projects. Finally, we have designed undergraduate curriculum to disseminate our research knowledge and practical experience to students using variety of experiential learning tools.

  • Coastal ecosystems


  • Oyster aquaculture


  • Biomineralization


  • Molecular adaptation


  • Ocean acidification