Over the past few years, we have firmly established a link with various oyster aquaculture stakeholders, including local growers, industries, governing officers and aquaculture researchers around the world. This multi-stakeholder link is our platform to advance our applied research work in the field of oyster aquaculture and climate change and it is also used as vehicle for our knowledge exchange work. While we are working with local oyster growers and industry, quite recently, we have found that they are facing couple of novel problems to survive in the oyster aquaculture business in south China and Hong Kong: “research innovation” and “entrepreneurship training/education”.       

•  Research innovation: our goal is to develop cutting-edge modern technologies (big data and machine learning driven identification of supreme HK oyster) and solutions (high salinity and climate change tolerant triploid strains of supreme HK oysters) to solve one of the emerging issues (e.g. winter mass mortality) of oyster aquaculture in South China. We are also looking forward to develop a novel tool for quick testing of oyster food safety using big data and machine learning, and

•  Entrepreneurship education: We are very determined in making use of our strong linkage with various oyster growers and oyster aquaculture industries around the world to provide sound knowledge and hands on training to our graduate students on “science entrepreneurship opportunities in aquaculture”. 

Our strong official link with local oyster aquaculture and oyster sauce making company, i.e. Lee Kum Kee Ltd., is making our lab as incubator for entrepreneurship training.