Kanmani Chandra Rajan

Before joining Dr Rajan’s lab, HKU: 

I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Anna University, Tamil Nadu, India. I found marine biology exciting and decided to use my molecular biology expertise in studying marine biology for my PhD at Dr Rajan’s lab at HKU! 

My PhD Research:

  I study oyster biomineralisation and ocean acidification using a combination of molecular (such as RNA seq, Methyl RAD) and material characterization techniques (SEM – EBSD, hardness testing). Mantle tissue in oyster is known to be highly expressing shell matrix proteins. I particularly have performed RNA seq and Methyl RAD analysis of mantle tissue from juvenile oysters that were exposed to ocean acidification. I also employ microstructure and crystallographic characterization  technique (SEM-EBSD) for analyzing property changes of oyster shells exposed to OA. 

  I am also passionate about science communication to public. To learn more up-to-date information about my research, publications and science communication activities, visit my personal website and new science communication brand: https://www.thetamilscientist.com/

HKU - Three minute thesis competition 2020 Finalist and Online People's choice winner

First prize - Best paper award - GRAMMER-19, City University of Hong Kong

Long term goal:  

  To be an academic researcher and science educator. 


My contribution to the Lab so far: Rajan’s view:

  I always remember the pair: Kanmani and Michele, you both have worked together and started various projects while taking care of each other – especially when you both were working in Zhanjiang’s Prof Yu hatchery – passed through those very tough time together. Well done. Your presentation skills is visible from the very beginning of your PhD. Congratulations on your award in HKU’s 3MT competition. I am amazed with your scientific manuscript writing skill and style – excellent skill that all scientist should have – hope you will me make use that skill to get an outstanding PhD thesis award in near future – wish you all the  best with the rest of your PhD work. 


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Email: kanmani_c@outlook.com