Our hatchery at the university of Hong Kong



Both machines were designed by students from the Faculty of Architecture at HKU, merging biological and architectural knowledge


Futuristic design 

- Camera installed allowing real-time monitoring

- Machines portable, space saving, and all-in one design

Reuse of waste materials

- The plastic tubes in juvenile floating machines are made up of used plastic bottles, providing new life to plastic waste and reducing the risk of plastic pollution

Easy to assemble

- Both machines are made up of different small body parts

Parts easily acquirable 

- The machines are made up of common materials that could be easily obtained from hardware stores or online shopping platforms, allowing for easy replacement

Up and Dowelling system

- The Portable Modular Larvae Machine is the first machine that allows water to enter the larva chamber from both upstream and downstream, this innovative combination favouring different needs from oyster owners

Screen Shot 2564-06-09 at 23.00.45.png
Screen Shot 2564-06-09 at 22.59.34.png

culture tubes

This machine is used to keep the juvenile oysters separated, since they tend to stick on hard substrates including other oysters. In traditional methods, oyster growers need to separate oysters into single individuals by force, which would easily hurt or even kill the oyster.

This machine allows oysters to circulate in the water column, keeping oysters to be in single forms. Growth rate of single oysters is higher due to no restraints, the price is also much higher, this increases the income of farmers.

Portable modular Larvae machine

This machine is used to keep the oysters’ larvae floating in the water column, preventing them from clustering. Water could enter the larvae chamber either from the top or from the bottom, creating upwelling and downwelling current keeping the larvae floating in water.


Algae growing room

Larval and juvenile stage oysters consume only targeted algae. Feeding them with suitable species keep them healthy and fast growing.

Algae are kept in monoculture, one species in one tank to ensure healthy algae growing.