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Postdoctoral positions at The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Two post-doc positions are available at Hong Kong Oyster Hatchery and Innovation Research Unit (HKO_HIRU) of HKU. We have secured >10 Million HKD from SFDF grant of Hong Kong government, GRF grant of Research Grant Council and Knowledge Exchange research grant from Lee Kum Kee International Ltd., for the innovative and impactful research project related to oyster aquaculture. As part of these exciting projects, we are recruiting two post-docs to work with our interdisciplinary team.  


General Qualifications: We are seeking talented, enthusiastic, and hardworking PhD degree holder in Aquaculture or Marine Biology or Molecular Ecology or related field with a relevant research experience (to one of the following two positions) and a proven track record.  


Job Description:


1. Postdoc Position in Digital or Molecular Breeding: You will be using variety of digital phenotypic data (images) and SNP markers to correlate with commercial traits to evaluate breeding values of wild and hatchery populations using integrated analyses of genomic data and machine learning tools. We have established collaborations with relevant experts to provide the post doc adequate training to kick-start this innovative project. Experience in SNP analyses and selective breeding in any organisms (including plants) is an added advantage. As the work may need to collect data and samples from mainland China, Chinese language may be preferred though not necessary.  

2. Postdoc Position in Seafood Chemistry and Climate change: You will study how multiple-stressors, especially carbonate system dynamics, temperature and salinity, are affecting oyster health (e.g. winter or summer mass mortality) and meat quality from carbon neutrality and one-health perspectives. The post-doc may work around the topic “Health of a carbon-neutral delicacy, the oyster, and the Environment”. Experience in marine chemistry or shellfish pathology is an added advantage. 

Salary range from HK$ 28,000 to 32,000 per month (1 US$ = 7.8 HK$). For this salary range, the income tax is negligible in Hong Kong. Exact salary and period are negotiable.   


For job description, please visit this link. Our lab is part of SWIMS and School of Biological Sciences  of HKU. The successful applicants are expected to work in an interdisciplinary environment as a team with academics, government, oyster growers and aquaculture industry.

How to apply: Please send your query or CV to Rajan via or WhatsApp: 852-95757923 or WeChat: wxid_s610q4iljvdu22.


Deadline: 30th June 2023 or until a suitable candidate is identified.​ If you are strongly interested, you are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible to get more details about these positions. 

V. Thiyagarajan (Rajan)

Director, Hong Kong Oyster Hatchery and Innovation Research Unit

Assistant Dean (Experiential Learning) and Associate Professor 

The University of Hong Kong 

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