Solutions provided by our hatchery

How our hatchery could save the industry

Seed related problems

1. Insufficient and unstable supply of good quality seeds from the natural environment

2. Wild seeds with pollution history

3. Declining wild seed recruitment due to habitat destruction and deteriorating environmental quality

4. Traditional and labour intensive aquaculture practice


Management problems

1. Lack of knowledge exchange and coordination among researchers, non-government organisations, local industry, government and growers


2. Lack of labour, current income of oyster aquaculture is not attractive


3. Aging, very few young people entering the industry and continuing family business

Seed solutions

1. Hatcheries serves as stable and sustainable seed sources, and provides seeds with good quality regularly

2. Oysters from hatcheries have superior meat quality and high profitability

3. The seeds raised are from pollution and climate change tolerant broods

4. Seeds are free from heavy metal contamination, the public are more willing to trust and eat


Management solutions

1. This hatchery project involves strong cooperation among stakeholders, including AFCD officers, local oyster growers, businessmen and researchers. It encourages future cooperation


2. Promote and apply methods of sustainable and modernized aquaculture, that if well done, could generate immense income and revenue