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carini alessia


Originally from Italy, I obtained a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology from the University of Essex in 2016. I then moved to Kiel, Germany, to pursue an MSc in Biological Oceanography at  GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research. There, I joined PD Dr Frank Melzner’s lab and, under the supervision of Dr Kirti Ramesh, I completed my master thesis project on mussel larval shell proteomics. You can find the related publication here: 


PhD Project

My PhD thesis focuses on bivalve larval shell formation and shell proteomics. Specifically, I am interested in understanding the mechanisms behind larval shell formation under current ambient and future ocean acidification scenarios. Since larval stages are particularly sensitive to changes in the environment, I want to investigate how they can adapt to low pH conditions and if their responses are evolutionary conserved among different bivalve species during early development.


Awards and Grants

2018 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Award

2019 SKLMP Best Paper Award, third prize

2020 Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences research fund 

2020 Conchologists of America research grant



Acquire skills in evolutionary developmental biology and structural biology using molluscs as my study system.


Rajan’s view

We are pleased to have you as our first HKPF scholar, Alessia. Thank you for contributing to our successful GRF grant application in 2018. During the field work season at the Lee Kum Kee hatchery in Zhanjiang you did a great job. You have great research talent and great ability to be a highly successful scientist. 


Contact info:


Twitter: @AllieCarini

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