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Our hatchery is non-commercial unit, primarily for research, education and knowledge exchange activities. We are culturing larvae of various edible oyster species, primarily the Hong Kong oyster (Crassostrea hongkongensis). The cultured larvae will be used to get 1) string of oysters, 2) single-oyster spats. These two products will be delivered to local oyster growers (on first-cum first serve basis) or deployed in our own oyster rafts in Lau Fau Shan area. 

Single oysters in Hong Kong and South China is not popular because of intensive biofouling in these areas over their relatively longer culture period (e.g. over 2 years). However, we have been developing commercially viable protocol and technology to lure local grower attention towards single-oyster culture (see other pages for details). This is because, single oysters, after quality checking, are easier to depurate, distribute, sold in restaurants for higher prize. Nevertheless, we have also inventing new tools to enhance larval settlement and rapid initial spat growth on strains – which could help local growers immediate concern, i.e. unpredictable supply of seeds from unknown wild sources. 

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