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Oyster Hatchery Manager for an Impact Case Study

Detailed Job Description

General Expectation:

  1. Determined and fully committed to an academic research career

  2. Responsible for operating an oyster hatchery for research, knowledge exchange and training related projects following HKU’s research integrity regulations

  3. Will contribute for writing new grant applications based on hatchery work

  4. Presents hatchery findings at internal conferences and take part in organizing lab’s knowledge exchange related training workshops and write to newspapers or media

  5. Be proactive and enthusiastic in seeking advice from oyster growers and try to bring new ideas for knowledge exchange and impact case study

  6. As employers use both quality and quality of research papers as one of the important indicators of research performance, the postdoctoral fellow is expected to produce high impactful publications in prestigious journals.

  7. Now in both HKU and HK, projects related impact case study and knowledge exchange are recognized very highly – such impact project considered equivalent to research papers in Science or Nature or PNAS.

Specific research project details:

This position is a unique opportunity for post-doctoral fellows to establish and demonstrate an impact case study using research-based oyster hatchery as platform. We have been working with local growers and oyster aquaculture industry, and oyster researchers in mainland China which is accounting over 89% of global oyster production, for the past several years. As a result, we have made a significant contribution to the growth of local aquaculture industry through knowledge exchange activities, and now we have secured over 5.5 Million HKD through HKSAR’s SFDF grant. The objective of this grant are to: 1) develop, setup and demonstrate a hatchery technology to local growers, 2) use a fast growing and disease resistant strains (identified in our lab) to develop an economically viable and sustainable option for local oyster growers to produce healthy and fast-growing seeds, 3) use oyster hatchery as a model to create eco-entrepreneurship opportunities for younger generation oyster growers who are interested in sustainable and modernized aquaculture, and 4) engage aquaculture regulating departments (e.g. AFCD), the public, and local growers to promote local oyster production in a sustainable manner.

The hatchery manager is in-charge for the execution of the above project along with two hatchery staff, one of them is a local oyster grower. The hatchery setup is underway and will be ready for operation from summer in 2021. Therefore, applicants with experience in hatchery (not necessarily with oysters) or aquaculture related applied aquaculture research is encouraged to apply even if they do not know local Chinese language. He or she must have PhD degree in aquaculture related field. Please contact Dr Rajan to discuss further about this exciting project
and the position.

Salary: range from HK$ 28,000 to 38,000 per month (1 US$ = 7.8 HK$). For this salary range, the income tax is negligible in Hong Kong. Exact salary and appointment period (maximum 3 years) are negotiable.   


How to apply: Please send your query or CV to Rajan via or WhatsApp: 852-95757923 or WeChat: wxid_s610q4iljvdu22 or Skype: rajanhk. Deadline: 15th December 2020 or until a suitable candidate is identified.

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