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Knowledge Exchange


Growers of Hong Kong and south China are producing over 30% of the world’s edible oysters using the Hong Kong’s endemic species (Crassostrea hongkongensis) and 700-years old indigenous coastal aquaculture practices. Oyster aquaculture in Hong Kong’s Lau Fau Shan area, therefore, is not only considered as part our city’s cultural heritage but also livelihood issue of 100’s of family. Therefore, our laboratory has been working very closely with local growers (and government, NGOs and local industry) for the past several years to develop a culturally, environmentally, and economically sustainable commercial oyster farms through knowledge exchange process and projects. In coming few years, using our oyster research products (e.g. published papers) and knowledge exchange experience (e.g. lose link with local growers and local oyster industry), we are strongly hope that one of our “innovative” applied aquaculture research projects (e.g. selective breeding of supreme oyster using big data and machine learning) would make an immediate impact on livelihood of millions of oyster growers in the region.

Current Projects

KE Project 1

Depuration Project with Growers

KE Project 2

Novel Triploid HK Strain


Workshop on Triploid Technology for Hong Kong

Oyster Aquaculture 

Oyster Hatchery Kick-off meeting 

Completed Projects

KE Project 3:

Training Workshops: Oyster hatchery 

KE Project 4

Training Workshop: Food Safety 

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