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We are actively engaged with various teaching related activities in the school of biological sciences and faculty of sciences – include 1) teaching,  2) Course Selection, Academic and Faculty advisors for Ecology and Biodiversity major, 3) Member in Staff-Student Consultative Committee in school of biological sciences, and 4) assistant dean (Experiential learning) for the Faculty of Science.

Our teaching Interests: Interdisciplinary integrative teaching through cross discipline collaboration; experiential learning; Environmental Science; Marine Science; Aquaculture business and technology.

Teaching Innovations: Designed and executed experiential learning platforms (e.g. overseas field courses and internship training) for Environmental Science and Ecology education Interdisciplinary experiential teaching: We take students to industry, government agency and NGO’s to gain hands-on experiences, develop novel entrepreneurship ideas and skill sets to solve complex problems through interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Curriculum Development: Served as one of the key members of the Environmental Science Major curriculum development at HKU  Major achievement: Our overall teaching quality including engagement in curriculum design and development, teaching and/or curriculum innovation, student evaluation and peer evaluation, has been assessed on a yearly basis during 2009 to 2019. According to the evaluations by senior colleagues (Prof Gray Williams and Prof David Dudgeon) and school head, our teaching performance has scored an “A or A+” with consistent “outstanding performance”. Indeed, our performance in 2019 has been rated as “Consistently and substantially exceeding”.

Teaching philosophy

Role as Assitant Dean for Experiential Learning

Current Courses

ENVS 1301

Environmental Life Science


Oyster Aquaculture: technology and business

CCST 9070
Nature-inspired Innovations


Coastal Sustainability

BIOL 4699

Ecology and Biodiversity Internship

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