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The World is Our Oyster (WOO) symposium

Advances in hatchery technology for one health aquaculture

October 27-29, 2023

Location: The University of Hong Kong, HKSAR. 


Triploid technology

Compact oyster hatchery design

Sustainable oyster aquaculture

One health

Disease & stress tolerant strains

Cultivation of Hong Kong (HK) oyster species in southern China contributes to a quarter of global edible oyster production. HK oysters are Omega−3 rich nutritious delicacy, mainly consumed by rising middle-class populations. Hence, sustained expansion of this sector is essential for seafood security. However, this sector faces unprecedented challenges due to reclamation of their estuarine habitats and climate change — these human impacts are not only directly deteriorating oyster food safety and security but also seriously affecting wild seed production. The collected few wild seeds also experience mass mortality during the harvesting period in winter and their performance is often unpredictable. Thus, the sustainable aquaculture in the region is now heavily depending on hatchery produced seeds from stress tolerant and disease resilient population, especially their triploid version; and on how quickly we adapt the one health approach in aquaculture. As part of this effort, the HK-SAR has funded HKU to establish a research-based hatchery for developing novel technology to modernize the sector with knowledge exchange — the project is running smoothly in collaboration with growers and Lee Kum Kee Ltd. This 2nd “world is our oysters (WOO)” symposium is called: 

  • To demonstrate the newly designed oyster hatchery, and explain its operational protocol to various stakeholders; 

  • To identify ways through which new oyster hatchery technologies could be integrated with national effort to develop sustainable oyster aquaculture for one health with global perspective; and 

  • To discuss about the need, objectives and deliverables of the emerging “Oyster Aquaculture Alliance for One Health (OAA@HKU)”.   

Invited speakers / Discussion leaders

  1. Qi Li,  Ocean University of China. Qingdao

  2. Ziniu Yu/S Xiao, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Guangzhou 

  3. Chung, Shiu Cheong, Lee Kum Kee Co. Ltd., Hong Kong

  4. Guizhi Wang/Minhan Dai, Xiamen University, Xiamen

  5. Li Li, Institute of Oceanology, Qingdao

  6. Yu Tong Chan, DeepBay Oyster Association, Hong Kong

  7. Weiwei You/ Caihuan Ke, Xiamen University, Xiamen

  8. Xiaotong Wang, Ludong University, Yantai

  9. Wong Chin Poh (Alan),  Seaharvest Aquamarine Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

  10. Experts and representatives from researchers, oyster growers 

NGO’s, industry and HK officers involved in aquaculture. 


Friday (Oct 27) - Venue: HKU TAM Wing Fan Innovation Wing 2

17:00: Grand opening of OAA (Oyster Aquaculture Alliance

for one health)


17:45: HKU hatchery visit and Oyster + wine tasting

Saturday (Oct 28) - Venue: Swire Institute of Marine Science

Discussions for impactful collaborative research

10:00: Multispecies SNP chip for oyster growers

12:15: Hatchery for entrepreneurship (discussion with “Indian curry lunch”)

13:45: Oyster- one health - aquaculture

16:00: Oyster aquaculture alliance for one health

19:00: Discussion in Café 103 at The Ritz-Carlton 

Sunday (Oct 29) - Venue: Lau Fau Shan, Oyster Culture Area

Research-led recommendations for HK oyster aquaculture

10:00: Current state of oyster aquaculture in Hong Kong (sharing by oyster grower representatives)

10:30: Panel discussion: How to improve HK oyster quality & its market value in South China?

[By Oyster grower representatives, AFCD representatives and Scientists]

11:00: Distribution of HKU oyster strings [by HKO-HIRU to oyster growers]

11:15: Boat trip to HKU - SFDF oyster rafts

13:00: Chinese lunch in oyster village and closing remarks  

For registration related queries:

Ms. Jessie Lai 


Registration fee: HKD 2500

Register here: 

Ecology and Biodiversity research division,


Deep Bay Oyster Cultivation Association


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