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Overview: Opportunity

As you may have seen in other pages of this web page, our laboratory is well known for interdisciplinary collaborative research in areas like larval biology, biomineralization, integrated omics (especially proteomics and Epigenome) and coastal climate change or multiple stressors – primarily using edible oysters as model. Recently we are very much focused on innovation and impactful research in the commercial field of oyster hatchery, big data driven selective breeding and oyster food safety and quality. Our team is always inclusive and strongly encourages graduate students and post docs from various strengths of knowledge (and education – e.g. science, engineering and biomedical backgrounds) to join us to work together on various exciting projects. Please look at our past and present lab member’s portfolios, our collaborators list and achievements – which will give you how vibrant and successful we are as lab family over the past 14 years. Please come and join us to keep going up to a new height.



Recently, we have secured over 10 million HKD (= 1.3 Million USD) from HKSAR’s RGC/UGC, HKSAR’s AFCD Department and the Oyster Sauce Company (Lee Kum Kee Ltd.,). All these funding will generously support our innovative and impactful oyster aquaculture research for next 3 to 5 years. As our lab is part of the SWIRE Institute of Marine Science, the School of Biological Science and also the newly established Hong Kong Oyster hatchery – we will have plenty of research space and facility. Therefore, please join us as either as Post doc (or similar position) or graduate student. If you are interested to join our exciting lab family, please do not hesitate to Email or WhatsApp to me for a quick encouraging response ( ; 852-95757923). Usually, we do not wait for formal application and screening process to recruit lab members (e.g. upon receiving your CV or details or nomination – usually we will call you back as soon as possible to move forward) – the moment (e.g. within few minutes or days) we both feel that this lab is a place for both of us to enjoy and grow together – that is it DONE.  

Current openings (updated Aug 2023)

PhD positions 

Post-doctoral positions 

Oyster Hatchery Manager

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