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Post doc Position in Seafood Chemistry

Detailed Job Description

General Expectation:

  1. Determined and fully committed to an academic research career

  2. Responsible, plans and conducts experiments related to the agreed (with Dr Rajan) research projects following HKU’s research integrity regulations

  3. Will contribute for writing new research proposals and grant applications in the lab

  4. Presents research findings at internal conferences and take part in organizing lab’s conference series such as ISOACC and workshops at HKU

  5. Be proactive and enthusiastic in seeking research advice from academic friends and try to bring new research ideas through interdisciplinary collaboration to keep positive energy flowing in the lab

  6. As employers use both quality and quality of research papers as one of the important indicators of research performance, post docs are expected to publish at least TWO papers per year in journals with impact factor >5 or ONE paper in prestigious journals like PNAS.

Specific research project details:

This position is sponsored by Lee Kum Kee’s knowledge exchange research grant to our HKoysterLab. Two post docs will execute this “applied research project”, one from seafood chemistry and another one form “molecular breeding” background. The two post docs will work together and with LKK staffs and local oyster growers. The project may seek academic collaboration from Prof Ziniu Yu of South China Sea Institute of Oceanology and Prof Lili of Institute of Oceanology, Qingdao and other oyster scientists.

Major objective of this project: Hong Kong oyster species is well known for not only its white meat but also for its high nutritional qualities. Therefore, local growers and industries are interested to know how to identify oyster strain s and meats with enhanced nutritional qualities for a timely harvest and other commercial applications such as sauce production. These days, nutritional qualities of oysters are highly variable and unpredictable due to climate change. Therefore, this post doc may wish to analyze nutritional and biochemical components such as protein, lipid and carbohydrate contents and profiles, including micronutrients, in both fresh tissues and meat extracts of HK oyster populations collected from various environments (e.g. different salinity) along with other commonly consumed oyster species such as Pacific oysters and Portuguese oysters. The results could be used in collaboration with “molecular breeding team” to identify commercially important phenotype and with machine learning group to innovate novel visual tool for rapid screening of oysters before harvesting.

This post doc with knowledge and experience in biochemistry (lipid, protein, carbohydrate and metabolomic) and food safety (metal and microbial) analyses in any field of research, will identify “novel” biochemical markers or components for selection of oyster meat with high qualities and standard and also to understand how climate change affect those commercial traits. Therefore, experience (as indicated by published papers) in chemical analyses of metabolites in any organism is essential for this position. Please contact Dr Rajan to discuss further about this exciting project and the position.

Salary: range from HK$ 28,000 to 38,000 per month (1 US$ = 7.8 HK$). For this salary range, the income tax is negligible in Hong Kong. Exact salary and appointment period (maximum 3 years) are negotiable.   


How to apply: Please send your query or CV to Rajan via or WhatsApp: 852-95757923 or WeChat: wxid_s610q4iljvdu22 or Skype: rajanhk. Deadline: 15th December 2020 or until a suitable candidate is identified.

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