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Chan Kwok Leung

Before joining Dr Rajan’s lab, HKU

     Hong Kong holds 700 years of oyster aquaculture history. I am an oyster grower in Deep Bay, Lau Fau Shan. My family is involved in oyster aquaculture for six generations. 


My Aim

          My aim is to find the solutions for oyster aquaculture related problems through modern based techniques. I believe hatchery techniques like strip spawning, larvae culturing, triploid technology would be key for future aquaculture practice. Therefore, I am collaborating with the (HKO-HIRU), Hong Kong University to learn the techniques, so that I can promote and apply these techniques for smart oyster breeding and aquaculture.          

Mr Chan - giving interview to the media


Examining HKU hatchery spawned oyster larvae


HK oyster raft in Lau Fau San

Algae culture system - HKO-HIRU

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