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Lee Tin Hang (David) 

How I got here: 

By undergraduate education, I am an economist. Since my true passion is in marine science, I decided leave my job in banking and take up a Master degree in Sustainable Aquaculture at University of Stirling in the UK. I did my final year project work with Dr Suzan Fitzer on mussel biomineralization. Due to COVID19, I comeback to HK to see my parents, but somehow I got in touch with Rajan’s lab (thanks to Susan for introducing me) and since then I have decided to take up PhD here at HKU.    


What I am going to do for my PhD?

Before I officially apply for PhD, I have started my PhD project work as intern in Rajan’s lab. I have started exploring the issues associated with oyster aquaculture in Hong Kong after meeting local growers and also local oyster sauce making industry. Accordingly, I may be working in the merging aquaculture topics like selective breeding of oysters to tolerate winter mass mortality.  


What is my goal?  

Preparing to become an oyster aquaculture scientist. 


My contribution to the Lab so far: Rajan’s view


Hi David, surprising that we have decided to work together towards your PhD thesis in our lab at our first meeting and within 5 minutes. Excellent start. Since then, I see you are very much committed to continue your work in oyster aquaculture even during this COVID period. Wish you all the best with your upcoming application for Hong Kong Postgraduate Fellowship (HKPF).




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