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Li yang

How I got here: 

Like Xin, I also have started my internship training with Rajan’s supervision before I formally join HKU for PhD in September 2020. I came form Ocean University in Shanghai with a Master degree in Marine Science.   


What I am doing for my PhD?

I have started my internship training at Zhanjiang’s oyster hatchery and I learned how to cultivate oysters and also how to setup and maintain ocean acidification experiments. I also successfully executed multiple generation ocean acidification exposure  experiment in the Portuguese oyster. I am planning to work in the recently funded RGC-GRF project on the identification of crystal orientation changing shell matrix protein from oysters. Thus, I hope I will be trained as “biomineralization” expert during my PhD tenure.  


What is my goal?  

Preparing to become a marine scientist. 


My contribution to the Lab so far: Rajan’s view


Hi Li Yang – you did great job for our lab through maintaining our massive OA experimental system in the Zhanjiang hatchery, especially during a very difficult COVID19 period. Highly appreciated. Also you took a bold step of coming to Hong Kong to take up your PhD despite of threats imposed by COVID situation. Wish you all the best. 




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