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How I got here: 

After Heidi’s retirement from HKU, I had a chance to enter Rajan’s lab to manage this dynamic oyster lab and its members.  


What I did before joining this Lab?

I came down from 6th floor of School of Biological Science in Dr JD Gu’s laboratory to Rajan’s lab at 3rd floor in 2011. In Dr JD’s lab, I managed the lab that is dedicated for marine microbial ecology and environmental pollution.  


What I am doing now?

Working very closely not only with all Rajan’s lab members but also all visiting scholars and professors to his lab. Besides my typical job of managing the laboratory, I am deeply encaged with the organization of all symposiums and workshops, i.e. I played a key role in the organizing committee of 1st and 2nd ISOACC and also many other workshops.  


My contribution to the Lab: Rajan’s view


Hi Jessie – you are our backbone and without your outstanding, dedicated and focused  service to our lab and lab members for the past several years, we will not be in this good shape. Teaching – again it may not have been possible to offer several overseas experiential learning courses (to Canada, Malaysia, USA and to various mainland cities) and unlimited number of local field trips to our HKU’s UG students without your leading role – amazing Jessie. Especially, the way you have handled our UG students personal stuff and health while we are traveling with them for overseas field trips – is remarkable – your coolness, friendship and kindness towards our students while managing them in those field trips – is all touching characteristics of Jessie. Our lab is internationally highly recognized for organizing various conferences, symposiums and workshops with high level of appreciation from several participants – again this all due to YOU Jessie. Big thanks Jessie – this is from my inner heart. We both have a big role ahead of us Jessie as we are about to start our pet project on Hong Kong oyster hatchery and various impact projects – Looking forward to continue work with you until I retire from HKU.   

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