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Dr. Iván Loaiza Alamo


Before joining Dr Rajan’s lab, HKU


        I am a Fisheries Engineer from La Molina National Agrarian University (UNALM), Perú with a MSc. degree from the inter-university master in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management (Oceans & Lakes) from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB), Belgium, and a PhD former in Marine Sciences from Ghent University (UGent) and University of Antwerp (UAtnwerpen), Belgium.

My scientific career so far


           I have been focused on research related to ecotoxicology, environmental impacts, aquaculture, food safety and human health. I conducted from toxicity tests in contaminants accumulation in bivalves and fish at different environmental conditions (lab), to a biomonitoring (in-situ) of contaminants (e.g. metals, microplastics) in different aquatic ecosystems around the world (Peru, Belgium, France,…), incl. the Antarctica. The use of integrated approaches with multi-parameters based on chemicals (e.g. metals, fatty acids, stable isotopes) as indicators is my expertise to address environmental concerns, e.g. anthropogenic stressors, metal pollution, climate change, among others, as well as in their use for human health approaches.

           I also have experience as consultant and project manager in fishery (aquaculture) management, environmental risk assessment, human health and nutrition. I am also an Associate professor at the Universidad Científica del Sur (UCSUR), Peru and Peer-reviewer for funding projects from the Programa Nacional de Innovación en Pesca y Acuicultura (PNIPA), Peru. I have experience reviewing articles for scientific journals such as Chemosphere.


              CMAS * Diver certification with expertise in in-situ bioassays and scientific experiments.


Long term goal


         Lead my own research group.


My contribution to the Lab so far


      I am a Senior Researcher or Post doc in Seafood Chemistry at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). We (Dr. Rajan and I) are committed to look for the SUPREME-OYSTER, which will be the most nutritious, tasty and safe oyster to consume from south of China and Hong Kong. The Seafood Chemistry component will combine and integrate the chemical and environmental compartments to understand this species and their environment to identify the most valuable oyster for human consumption. I am also a lecture in related topics to Seafood Chemistry, such Food Quality and Food Safety. As Senior Researcher, I will also assist Dr. Rajan with outreach activities, as well as project funding applications and management.

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