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James lim

Before joining Dr Rajan’s lab, HKU: 

  I hold a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences (major) & Chemistry (minor) from University of Pittsburgh, PA and Master degree by research in Earth Science (Biotechnology) from University Malaya, focusing on marine phytoplankton, halocarbon emission and climate change.


My PhD Research:

  I became ambitious, desired to venture into molecular biology and explore higher trophic level marine organisms to expand my knowledge and skills. Dr. Rajan’s lab offered such opportunity and despite some ups and downs, I had a great start preparing for my PhD along with assistance from peers. In Summer 2019, I spearheaded a transgenerational experiment to study epigenetic inheritance using Hong Kong oyster as a model under ocean acidification (OA)-derived stress, in which the project plays a huge part in the success of a GRF grant. Project for 2nd generation experiment is currently still ongoing. Overall, I focus on the physiology and molecular mechanisms, specifically DNA methylation and transcriptome of Hong Kong oysters in single- and multiple-generations under OA in both hatchery and field conditions. I am pleased to have my first publication on oyster epigenetic in Marine Environmental Research journal. For more information on my contribution, awards and past research experience, you may visit my Curriculum Vitae by scanning the QRcode or Researchgate (


My contribution to the Lab so far: Rajan’s view

   Excellent start of your research career James – You did an excellent job with Khan while doing oyster experiments in both Qingdao and Zhanjiang – no idea how you adapted to live in such a poor living place. Finally you made it. I also had great time travelling with you in those south china cities – I never forgot about our non-stop bus travel from Zhanjiang to Hong Kong with 3 big bags of oysters and the way we brought back and the way we transplanted them to several cities in China – amazing experience. Seems this COVID19 has spoiled your ambitious plans and hope you will soon get back to your normal active research life and hope you will be able to travel back to hatchery to take care of your F2 oysters.


James Lim
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