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Mohamed Madhar Fazil

How I got here: 

I am a bioengineering master degree student from one of the leading Institutions of India, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati.   


What I am going to do for my PhD?

Hong Kong oyster industry holds a cultural heritage of 700 years. The advent of new diseases and anthropogenic pollutions is a threat to this aquaculture industry and the livelihood of oyster farmers. The importance of the microbiome to the health and growth of oysters have received increased attention from the scientific community. The microbial flora of oysters is linked to disease resistance, seasonal mortalities, even in the nutritional and taste aspects. Investigating the oyster microbiome can improvise the commercial value of oyster aquaculture.  I will be examining how the diversity and composition of the microbial community in local Hong Kong oyster Crassostrea hongkongensis would change with varying host environment. My study aims to find out the linkage of the oyster microbiome to meat quality, food safety and disease tolerance, thereby utilising the knowledge towards the One health approach. Knowledge about the one health with the metabolism of oysters may thus make oyster aquaculture in Hong Kong, sustainable. 


What is my goal?  

Preparing to become an oyster aquaculture scientist. 


My contribution to the Lab so far: Rajan’s view


Welcome Fazil to our laboratory – I hope your training and education as engineer will add a value in our interdisciplinary team. Wish you all the best with your upcoming application for Hong Kong Postgraduate Fellowship (HKPF).




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